Cloak and Dagger in Westgate

A definitive direction

As I come to grip my new-found powers, I see things much more clearly now. Insight into the workings of the guild and the many players within the “game” leads me to believe that we much approach Aponte, the Westgate Commander for the western “gate.” Sources tell me that others within the City Gov’t would be very disturbed at such a large contingent of Zhentarim entering the city. Aponte should be asked to see where his loyalty lies: The City or a financial power. Discussion first, would be the best tact and from there we can progress to higher levels of persuasive powers. So many tendrils of thought floating around us seem to create confusion. Let us pursue Aponte and stop his plans. I speak for Tobias as well as myself, Taurus.

Gear I want

Stalwart Belt Lvl 6+ Item slot: Waist Property: When you score a critical hit, gain temp hit points equal to your Con mod.

Lucky Charm Lvl 4+ Item Slot: Neck Enhancement: Fort, Ref, Will Powe(Daily) No action. Trigger: You miss an attack or fail a skill check, ability check or saving throw. Effect: Roll a d6 and add the result to the missed roll

Mindiron Vambraces Lvl 8+ Item Slot: Arms Power(Daily) Free action. Use this power when you hit with a melee attack. Make a second attack against target: +11 vs. Will; on a hit the target is dazed until the end of your next turn.

Counterstrike Guards Lvl 4+ Item Slot: Arms Power(Daily) Immediate reaction. Use this power when a melee attack misses you. You make a melee.

Dwarven Throwers Lvl 10+ Item Slot: Hands Property: Gain +2 item bonus to thrown weapon damage rolls Power(Encounter) Standard action. Make a ranged basic attack with your melee weapon, using Str mod. on your attack and damage roll. Weapon auto returns to your grip after attack.

Cloak of Distortion Lvl 4+ Item Slot: Neck Enhancement: Fort, Ref, Will Property: A ranged attack against you from a distance more than 5 sq away takes a -5 penalty to attack.

Cape of the Mountebank Lvl 5+ Item Slot: Neck Enhancement: Fort, Ref, Will Property:

I must leave!

I will be writing in me native tongue because it is easier for me.

I spoke with Gaelca-Elg today in her tattoo parlor. I could see in her eyes that the message she carried for me was of grave importance. She told me of a merchant that hailed from the west, near my home mountain range. He had told her of a goliath clan that had been totally destroyed – every living thing crushed of its life or slaughtered. My heart was in my throat for my people. I will commune with the great spirits to feel for their life force – once I have time to leave the city for a few hours and revert back into my panther form.I will search for this merchant, __, to see if I can squeeze any more useful information from his story. I must remain calm and composed and keep my wits about me, this merchant must tell me true words. I am his “biggest” threat and not someone to be messed with. After leaving Gaelca-Elg, I returned to the band of thieves that I now call my “trusted” friends. The tiefling smells more and more of twisted spirits – I do not know how much he is in control of these powers that beseeched him after looking in the bad magic book. I will keep a watchful eye on this one. The path of darkness be drawing him in, me thinks. The other Tobias, wanted to kill everyone at the safe-house and sort out good from the bad later. I find no glory or honor or challenge in killin the weak. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders (for now, at least, until someone cleaves it off if he ain’t careful) but he mostly acts without thought for others. I give him this, he is fast and deals a lot of hurt with those little blades of his. I must watch meself around him. Jolic be a (man?) of few words but he thinks about them before he speaks them. I like the feel of the spirits he surrounds himself with. Malaggar has some tongue for the singing spirits – he reminds me of the mountain callers back home. HOME… ah yes,the reason for me writing this. I must leave here soon to investigate the truth of these claims by the merchant. What is the meaning of the purple dragon banner that he saw there? After asking around, some seem to think its the Comyrians or someone with them bastards. I will find out! But,... do I envolve me friends in my clans business – I must think upon it some more – the spirits will aid me when I commune with them, soon. Later that day we were attacked in our own place, 6 sneaking bastards wearing purple dragon crests on their cloaks and using axes like me own. I laid into them with me axe and they were tougher than I expected. My friends gave me their strength and blades to help fend off these sniveling dogs. We laid them down one by one until the last – we saved him to get information from. Taurus fought real different, throwin curses and fire alike – he must be allowin the spirits that was circlin him in. One question keeps poundin in me head…was they comin for me or all of us??? If for me, this does not bode well for my people.*

Safe House

Well … me and dem fellas finally got rid of dem golden sword yaka-mawhatchamacallits in dat safe house. Dem crazy guys was raisin sum nasty bugs in dere. But da did maks sum gud soop. We burnd dem bugs reel gud and save-ed dem old guys who kept talkin bout sum “door to hethen” or sum den. My axe struck true many times and I praise de great spirits fur it! I cunt wait fur de next times I can swings my axe – dis time I will strick true more dan last time – I must git bedder.

De Stinkin Sewers!

*Me and sum fellas was goin in da sewurs cuz dem guys wuz loocin fer sum den bout a house wif a safe or sum den. I dident knows why we wuz lookin down in da stinkin sewers fur dis house. On de ways ders we ran into sum trubles – a few of dem tentacles with eyes all over dems *

Cleaning House
Shutting down the Zhentarim slave ring

The lone guard and rickety old warehouse didn’t look like much, but there were tracks leading into the place that seem to indicate that there were quite a few people who used it.

After scaring off the guard and letting him know that the Fire Knives were shutting them down we went inside and found the stairway into the dank and foul sewers of Westgate. In short order we were plunged into darkness with just a softly glowing sunrod to see with. In short order we found a door. Daenir coaxed a rat into his hand and although he couldn’t get it to follow his commands he put it in his belt pouch and promply named it ‘snappy’.

Malaggar had us douse the lights so he could scout with his drow night vision, but was seen by the oddly porportioned runed beings seemingly made of stone. One rang a gong and combat was begun. Daenir forced the door while Jolic disappeared and seeped through the arrow slit above the floor. Another door inside began to rattle in its frame as a loud growl was heard from the other side “The gods damn me!!”. Moments later a one-armed gnoll burst through and freed what appeared to be a crossbow mounted on wheels with a screaming face upon it as it homed in on the ranger and launched bolt after bolt causing him to dive for cover.

The battle was brief and when it was over everyone was gasping for breath. Taurus scouted ahead through the darkness and discovered the vast chasm filled with an alien green glow and huge mushrooms and other fungus. A frayed rope bridge spanned the drop to a building with the symbol of Cyric, the mad god, emblazoned on the far side.

At that moment a group of priests accompanied by a few homonculi came out from the building. Jolic threw himself into the fray practically running across the rope bridge. Arrows sung out as they crossed the chasm searching for us. Taurus darted onto the rope bridge catching a winged creature by surprise as his dagger neatly cut a wing off and if fell to the mushroom floor where it was eaten by something that moved below in the muck. In no time the wild eyed laymen were slain as we pushed on to the solid stone door, which was only 4 feet high, and we could hear some kind of sound coming from the other side.

War in the Streets
Tension breaks into warfare between the Fire Knives and the Nine Goldern Sword Yakuza

The Marpenoth air was chilly and the rain fell in a light drizzle as Tev Kalshan stared out into the night. The tension had been building for weeks and he knew it wouldn’t be long until the Nine Golden Sword Yakuza and the Fire Knives would have it out on his streets. But he had to make do with what he had so to speak. He didn’t have the resource or the manpower to stand up to the two larger guilds but he was tired of sitting in their shadows and taking table scraps. He looked around at his small group of scrappers and hoped that they understood the trouble that was coming. “Be careful out there tonight. The streets are going to be tough. Don’t travel alone and do go getting yourself into trouble by going out and looking for it. It’s going to find ya fast enough tonight.”

Karin smiled to herself. The crowd tonight was rowdy but not particularly rough, just her kind of night. Most of those in the crowd were locals but a few were travelers who had come to see the games. She smiled as she saw Sass wave her dagger ‘Sweetie’ under Tobias’s nose and threaten him with a wink. She decided to take a break and head outside for some air. Her foot touched down after the last step and her head exploded into stars. She slashed wildly with her dagger and she felt it connect with something fleshy and now bleeding badly. Then an arrow slammed into her side, penetrating about four inches into her abdomen. She snapped off the shaft and turned…right into one of the Fire Knives. “Don’t you worry about calling out, the guards won’t be making their rounds tonight” he said with a perfect smile. The last thing she remembers as she fell unconscious is the stoic genasi Jolic coming outside with his sword bared and his companions following close behind. She heard the ring of swords and the darkness overtook her.

Curt couldn’t believe the blood. In his sixty winters or so as a sell sword or a corsair he always hated seeing his companions bleed and here was Karin dying in the Down Inn. Tev regarded him with a coldness that chilled his bones. “Umberlee has a tight grip on that one, “Curt thought. He knew that the guild master laid the attack at the feet of house Cormaeril and Curt was bearing more bad news. The Brash Blades was just broken into by the Nine Golden Swords and they dragged poor Tiko off.

The chanting continued all around him and he knew that he would never see any of his friends again. Tiko just hoped that he wouldn’t come back as one of the walking dead and try to eat them, he hated the dead. So much so that he always kept various amulets to the gods around his shop and he never attended a funeral. Now here he was with the decrepit Shou and they were going to turn him into a zombie! That’s when he saw an elf on the balcony loose two arrows at the wu jen and the arcane caster’s chanting became nothing more than gurgled sounds. But it was too late. Tiko felt his spirit rise away from his earthly form. “Maybe I’m just going to die. That wouldn’t be too bad” he thought. That’s when he heard it, coming from an inky blot of darkness. ‘A soul to feed on…’ it rasped. ‘The taste…it will be so delicioussss’ the voice rising to a mad piercing cry. Tiko sees a long worm like creature with a skull head slip from its dark hole in the night. Just as its black tongue reaches Tiko his spirit slams back into his body. His eyes flutter open and all of the Yakuza are dead. He shutters and looks to where the snake-skull thing was and only sees a drow elf whose mouth is curled in a knowing smile.

Word on the Street

“The air feels charged with tension…the shops are closing early. People are getting off the street before the suns even down. Something is going to happen and it’s going to happen around here. Get out there and find out what it is.” – Tev kalshan

“When Sass gets a chance to get away from the bar, she spins a chair around backwards and straddles it, leaning on the back with her elbows. ‘There might be a new player in our parts. Someone over at the Jolly Warrior has been asking a bit of odd questions. It seems that they plan on stirring up trouble against the lords. Now I’m all for that just not here were we live. It will bring in more of the watch then what we want.’” – Sass at the Rough House Tavern

“’It was just like I said’ Tarn starts out nervously. ‘During the day, Seggroth wanted me to keep an eye on these 3 guys. One minute they were just standing there, the next they were gone. I’m frantic. Checking around everywhere thinking that someones going to notice me but I gotta find out where they went. With a few coins to the beggar on the street near Jeppin’s Bait, he says that he saw some of the Shou dragged em out the back of the shop and throw em kickin’ and screamin’ down in the sewer. “ – Tarn at the Down House Inn

“They found three more bodies around the Inner Harbor area. There wasn’t a scratch on them just like the others. They were just crumpled in a heap on the cobblestones their faces twisted in death. People are whispering that a purge is going to happen in the Fire Knives or that they are hunting for whatever is killing everyone so efficiently so they can entice then to join their ranks.” – Curt the Seadog

“The most in vogue rumor going round the Sails market place is that there is a demon killing folks over in West Westgate. 3 times in as many weeks an entire family has gone missing. The watch is at a loss for how as the houses have all been locked from the inside. None of the windows or doors have been damaged the folks have just vanished. A foul stench has filled the area shortly after the houses have been opened with has lead the church of Amaunator to proclaim that it had to be the work of demons.” – Jann at Wetworks


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