Cloak and Dagger in Westgate


Gear I want

Stalwart Belt Lvl 6+ Item slot: Waist Property: When you score a critical hit, gain temp hit points equal to your Con mod.

Lucky Charm Lvl 4+ Item Slot: Neck Enhancement: Fort, Ref, Will Powe(Daily) No action. Trigger: You miss an attack or fail a skill check, ability check or saving throw. Effect: Roll a d6 and add the result to the missed roll

Mindiron Vambraces Lvl 8+ Item Slot: Arms Power(Daily) Free action. Use this power when you hit with a melee attack. Make a second attack against target: +11 vs. Will; on a hit the target is dazed until the end of your next turn.

Counterstrike Guards Lvl 4+ Item Slot: Arms Power(Daily) Immediate reaction. Use this power when a melee attack misses you. You make a melee.

Dwarven Throwers Lvl 10+ Item Slot: Hands Property: Gain +2 item bonus to thrown weapon damage rolls Power(Encounter) Standard action. Make a ranged basic attack with your melee weapon, using Str mod. on your attack and damage roll. Weapon auto returns to your grip after attack.

Cloak of Distortion Lvl 4+ Item Slot: Neck Enhancement: Fort, Ref, Will Property: A ranged attack against you from a distance more than 5 sq away takes a -5 penalty to attack.

Cape of the Mountebank Lvl 5+ Item Slot: Neck Enhancement: Fort, Ref, Will Property:



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