Cloak and Dagger in Westgate

I must leave!


I will be writing in me native tongue because it is easier for me.

I spoke with Gaelca-Elg today in her tattoo parlor. I could see in her eyes that the message she carried for me was of grave importance. She told me of a merchant that hailed from the west, near my home mountain range. He had told her of a goliath clan that had been totally destroyed – every living thing crushed of its life or slaughtered. My heart was in my throat for my people. I will commune with the great spirits to feel for their life force – once I have time to leave the city for a few hours and revert back into my panther form.I will search for this merchant, __, to see if I can squeeze any more useful information from his story. I must remain calm and composed and keep my wits about me, this merchant must tell me true words. I am his “biggest” threat and not someone to be messed with. After leaving Gaelca-Elg, I returned to the band of thieves that I now call my “trusted” friends. The tiefling smells more and more of twisted spirits – I do not know how much he is in control of these powers that beseeched him after looking in the bad magic book. I will keep a watchful eye on this one. The path of darkness be drawing him in, me thinks. The other Tobias, wanted to kill everyone at the safe-house and sort out good from the bad later. I find no glory or honor or challenge in killin the weak. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders (for now, at least, until someone cleaves it off if he ain’t careful) but he mostly acts without thought for others. I give him this, he is fast and deals a lot of hurt with those little blades of his. I must watch meself around him. Jolic be a (man?) of few words but he thinks about them before he speaks them. I like the feel of the spirits he surrounds himself with. Malaggar has some tongue for the singing spirits – he reminds me of the mountain callers back home. HOME… ah yes,the reason for me writing this. I must leave here soon to investigate the truth of these claims by the merchant. What is the meaning of the purple dragon banner that he saw there? After asking around, some seem to think its the Comyrians or someone with them bastards. I will find out! But,... do I envolve me friends in my clans business – I must think upon it some more – the spirits will aid me when I commune with them, soon. Later that day we were attacked in our own place, 6 sneaking bastards wearing purple dragon crests on their cloaks and using axes like me own. I laid into them with me axe and they were tougher than I expected. My friends gave me their strength and blades to help fend off these sniveling dogs. We laid them down one by one until the last – we saved him to get information from. Taurus fought real different, throwin curses and fire alike – he must be allowin the spirits that was circlin him in. One question keeps poundin in me head…was they comin for me or all of us??? If for me, this does not bode well for my people.*



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