• Daenir Aerak

    Daenir Aerak

    My emotions get between logical thinking.
  • Malaggar Auvryndar

    Malaggar Auvryndar

    A haunted and hunted soul, with a razor wit. Malaggar is staunch companion and a fearsome enemy. He always has at least the hint of a grin on his face, even when he is burning down a foe with dark magics. (Think Doc Holiday in black leather.)
  • Omegalith Kragg

    Omegalith Kragg

    You are marked for death if he comes for you - the grinning mountain seals your fate with stone and axe!
  • Quilly Daggertip

    Quilly Daggertip

    Watch out for the shadows! Sometimes they will slice you down
  • Tobias Cole

    Tobias Cole

    Tobias Cole is an elf of normal height and weight. Sporting long blonde hair, he prefers to have it tied in the back to keep it out of his face. His build is that of most elves.