Tobias Cole

Tobias Cole is an elf of normal height and weight. Sporting long blonde hair, he prefers to have it tied in the back to keep it out of his face. His build is that of most elves.


Tobias Cole stands about 5’3” and weighs about 133 lbs. His graceful features are sharp and well proportioned as that of his elven kin. Tobias has an olive skin tone and his blonde hair is long, fine and flowing. His eyes are an intense blue and seem to radiate when he is excited. He has a small tattoo on his left forearm of a ring encircling a ornate daggers’ blade. Tobias normally wears a heavy dark blue trench cloak that just touches the ground or during the warm months he is wearing a light cloak. He wears light leather armor under his coat and sports his ankle high black leather reverse fold boots. When socializing with nobles or others of importance he likes to wear a black leather doublet with gold silk trim and black leather tapered pants with gold lacings. Tobias has his hair pulled back in a braided ponytail while wearing a velvet black cloak and gold trim.


Born in the year 1358 to Celes Anadil and Berris Cole, Tobias was the only son of the duo. Berris was a master thief and practiced mage for the Night Mask in Comyr whose travels brought him to Dagger Falls. There he seduced and bedded the young Celes Anadil, a mage that had come to Daggerfalls due to the recent attacks by the Zhentarium. Berris had no intentions to stay with Celes as she was just a means to accomplish his mission for the Night Mask as spy for the Zhentarium army but, he stayed with her for the sake of a good cover.

Soon baby Tobias was born and Berris and Celes raised him in a small cottage outside of Dagger Falls. For the first 10 years of his life young Tobias had a loving father and mother, his world was perfect. Still unknown to him there were battles being fought all over Daggerdale and his mother was still apart of the resistance to stop the Zhentarium and his father was a spy hired by the Zhentarium to gather information to crush the resistance and take over Daggerdale.

A year later Daggerdale fell into civil war and Tobias and his family had to escape Daggerfalls as it fail in Zhentarium control. The following 10 years Tobias spent most of his time with his father while his mother was away trying to help end the rebellion. While Celes was away Berris taught him about stealth, pick pocketing (which he called a magic trick), and how to use and throw a dagger. Berris was very cunning in this as he taught Tobias this while convincing him it was all a game and to keep it secret from his mother (also another game). Tobias picked up quickly to these “games” and even impressed his father who unknown to Tobias was a master thief. Berris told his son not to tell anyone of these “games” and if he played them to play them in secret of others.

In year 1372 the civil war was over and the Zhentarium has all but, retreated back to Zhentil Keep and things started to settle down again in the Daggerdale and Berris knowing that the contract no being renewed by the Zhentarium for his efforts lied to Celes telling her and Tobias that he had business to deal with in Westgate and once it was settled would be back to marry Celes.

Months went by and no word of Berris and Celes becoming worried packed up her things and her and Tobias took the first Caravan to Westgate. The trip itself took a good month of travel which even for Tobias being an elf was extremely long time being on the road with only his “games” that his father taught him to occupy his time when the caravan stop for the humans to rest. Eventually Tobias and his mother reached Westgate and Celes immediately started to inquire about Berris Cole. Most people never heard of the name but, others on hearing it avoided Celes eyes and roughly pushed her out of the inns and stores. Tobias did notice weird mask on most of the building but, did not pay them any real heed.

Eventually the pair settled into a room in the inn and quickly went into reviere so that they could get an early start the next day. That night two thieves entered their inn room and captured both Celes and Tobias. They were dragged deep into the sewers Tobias was thrown into a cell and his mother was dragged off to another location be the men. Tobias was scared for his life and for his mothers and dared not to fall back into reverie. There he sat listening to distant sounds hoping against hope that he would hear his mother and know that she was alright.. but, no sound came except for the dripping of water off of the sewer walls.

Finally, which seemed like a life time for young Tobias, someone did come the same man that came and kidnapped him and his mother. He was of average height but he was slim and he had a round face and short choppy hair. The man’s eyes were black as coal and he had a short beard like he hadn’t shaved in a couple days. He came to the gate and unlocked it and walked into the room and knelt down to Tobias. “The names Pepper..” the rogue said. “Seems ye and yer mum got hooked up with the wrong criminal..” He grinned a bit but, quickly turned back into a frown. “ Yer papa was a rogue working under our employment and well during his contract he seemed to be with yer mother out of necessity and a little later had you..” Pepper rubs his hand through his hair grinning. “Guess that don’t matter to ye none, either way.. ye and yer mom were just a cover, a ruse.. Hell kid, even we got con’ed by him. He was good I’ll give’m that but, now he has made enemies, powerful enemies, the ones ye only pray ye never meet. And he caught us at the right time.. We were in transition of our leader and vulnerable to his treachery. Berris stole a lot of precious artifacts to the guild and other treasures and now you and yer mom are going to have to pay for his this treason.”

Pepper pulls his legs from underneath him self and lightly plops himself on the ground. “Now, I tell you this as you are in rare circumstance for usually we would just kill you and be done with the whole mess.” Tobias jerks suddenly back from Pepper but, Pepper quickly wraps his arm around Tobias’ shoulder and pulls him back in. “Now ye wait a minute, let me finish before you get all jumpy.. Where was I? Oh yeah! See… we are betting that you will be good as yer dad as you are his son see? So for you to live and to save yer mother.. We are going to train ye and eventually let you take on missions for us.. maybe in a hunnerd years you’ll come close to paying the guild back and we will let you and yer mother leave.. But understand this..and this is really important.. ye try to sneak out, runaway or be disobedient, we will kill yer mother an make ye watch..” Pepper stands up and pats Tobias on the head. “I’ve given ye a lot to think about. I’ll come by in the morning to have yer answer. Yer and elf so what’s a hunnered years? And if it be me.” He turns and look to Tobias and looks him in the eye. “I be wanting revenge fer what yer dad did to ye and yer mom but, ye think bout it.. and I’ll see ye in the morrow young Tobias Cole.” With that Pepper turns and leaves Tobias with his thoughts.

That night Tobias did not find reviere his mind and emotions were spinning into many directions. He was a ruse? A tool to accomplish his father, no, this elf’s goals? And his mother? How could he have done that to her!? Now him and Tobias out of love and fear for his life came to find him and only to pay for his crimes?! Anger swelled in Tobias then so much that he could not contain himself and cried out in a furious rage. He would do what this guild ask. He would be their instrument to fine tune. Then we he and his mother were free he would seek out Berris and revenge his mother and himself.

Tobias Cole

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