Daenir Aerak

My emotions get between logical thinking.


Personality Traits
With a tendency to experience unpleasant emotions easily, Daenir sometimes lets his emotions control the situation as opposed to critical thinking to resolve issues. Ordinary situations are threatening for Daenir and can provoke a bad mood that can last for days. Daenir worries constantly about things happening around him, to avoid the negative effects of his personality he needs to spend at least 45 minutes a day meditating to get in touch with his nature side.

Mannerisms and Appearance
Long brown hair, with strands woven into braids. His face shows battle scars and seems weathered for his age. Daenirs appearance can be menacing at first, with a scowl on his face most of the time. A dark black cloaked hood covers a majority of his face only showing his peering eyes, He is rarely seen without his hood, only personal friends have seen him without the hood. Daenir comes off as abrasive and it take years of friendship to gain his trust. He is respectful to others but can be rude depending on the situation.

Born into a middle class world, Daenir was left to raise his sister at a young age. His parents were the victims of the Elk Tribe. His mother and father murdered heading to Bryn Shander getting supplies for a six month period to harvest the new crop. Left alone Daenir and his sister Ashna tried to continue the family farm until a tragic event stuck the children.

Ashna was murdered in front of her brother in cold blood, skinned alive and hung inside the house. Daenir was tied down for 13 days watching his sisters corpse rot. A wild elf name Niemkar on a hunting pilgrimage found Daenir and raised him in Elfharrow. Niemkar would occasionaly take Daenir to Westgate, to help at the Wetworks laundry. Niemkar would attend private meetings while Daenir worked, he was slowly introduced to the guild though Niemkar. To this day Daenir has a hard time trusting anyone. He still looks for his sisters murder, knowing only that the man had tattoos from head to toe.

Daenir Aerak

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