Omegalith Kragg

You are marked for death if he comes for you - the grinning mountain seals your fate with stone and axe!


Most look up and then up some more to see his piercing blue eyes staring back. This bald ever-grinning mountain of a man would like nothing better than to share his fire pit and hospitality or if you piss him off – to see you roasting over it. He is strong by any means – his love for the land, his brute strength, his desire for competition, or his will. With a great axe slung over his broad back, he seeks knowledge of his race and to better himself through continual, self-set challenges.


My name is Omegalith Kragg and I am one of the Shak-ahl, a stone listener, for my people – the displaced peoples of the Uulith – Jasparvein Clan. Our story is told many nights to the young and others that listen, so that we don’t forget. They speak of the Great Culling – a dark time when primal power and dark magic washed over the land like the unrelenting tide. Our peoples numbered into the thousands and we ventured forth into the world without hesitation. A darkness came from where we know not- it left the weak, the sick, and young behind and took all others. Now we hide in the sacred peaks and deep valleys where no others tread, never staying in one place too long. Our numbers grow slowly in this hard existence. Many did not make it through the first few winters- but our clan lives on. My parents were hardened by their trials and grew strong in their fight to survive. I have lived, if one could call it that, for 19 winters this way. But, I grow tired off this existence. I want to know what happened to our once mighty clan – our brothers and sisters. We still venture out into the land for food but we are most cautious. As the Shak-ahl, I listen for the steps of intruders through the stones – the stones “whisper” (quake) ever so slightly when they are disturbed from their slumber. I alert the others with the cry of the high hawk. Sometimes we trade with our little brothers. We hear stories from the Durag `as when we trade goods with the “little stone brothers.” They tell us rumors, bits and pieces of a vast underground world where our people may be.

Once before the full moon test (a competition amongst our peoples), my brothers and I were practicing the great stone toss across from a hillside of slag. As we threw our stones it started a landslide that came down upon some of our clansmen and women that were foraging below, hidden from view. None were killed, by the grace of the great spirits, but several were injured. (Clan does not kill clan – unless one wants their own swift death.) We were shamed, and I being the eldest was held accountable for the others actions. I was stripped of my name, possessions, and forgotten by my clan. I must now survive without the aid of my people. I will earn my name again! I will find out what happened to my lost people and rejoin my clan.

Omegalith Kragg

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