Cloak and Dagger in Westgate

Cleaning House

Shutting down the Zhentarim slave ring

The lone guard and rickety old warehouse didn’t look like much, but there were tracks leading into the place that seem to indicate that there were quite a few people who used it.

After scaring off the guard and letting him know that the Fire Knives were shutting them down we went inside and found the stairway into the dank and foul sewers of Westgate. In short order we were plunged into darkness with just a softly glowing sunrod to see with. In short order we found a door. Daenir coaxed a rat into his hand and although he couldn’t get it to follow his commands he put it in his belt pouch and promply named it ‘snappy’.

Malaggar had us douse the lights so he could scout with his drow night vision, but was seen by the oddly porportioned runed beings seemingly made of stone. One rang a gong and combat was begun. Daenir forced the door while Jolic disappeared and seeped through the arrow slit above the floor. Another door inside began to rattle in its frame as a loud growl was heard from the other side “The gods damn me!!”. Moments later a one-armed gnoll burst through and freed what appeared to be a crossbow mounted on wheels with a screaming face upon it as it homed in on the ranger and launched bolt after bolt causing him to dive for cover.

The battle was brief and when it was over everyone was gasping for breath. Taurus scouted ahead through the darkness and discovered the vast chasm filled with an alien green glow and huge mushrooms and other fungus. A frayed rope bridge spanned the drop to a building with the symbol of Cyric, the mad god, emblazoned on the far side.

At that moment a group of priests accompanied by a few homonculi came out from the building. Jolic threw himself into the fray practically running across the rope bridge. Arrows sung out as they crossed the chasm searching for us. Taurus darted onto the rope bridge catching a winged creature by surprise as his dagger neatly cut a wing off and if fell to the mushroom floor where it was eaten by something that moved below in the muck. In no time the wild eyed laymen were slain as we pushed on to the solid stone door, which was only 4 feet high, and we could hear some kind of sound coming from the other side.



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