House Dhostar

Old money is what defines the Dhostar House. They have lived in the area since well before even the Time of Troubles when the Gods walked Faerun. The heads of the family over the years have quietly grown their holding making them very wealthy and also has given them a stake in most of the larger business ventures.

Currently they offer protection services outside the walls of Westgate. The caravan master just wants to rest after the long journey as do many of the guards who have been on edge since they left. Dhostar supplies an ample fighting force to any who want it, and to many who don’t its whispered.

Almost monthly, Lady Centa Dhostar has a grande ball that she invites all of the great houses and many of the lesser ones. Most except the invitation for an evening filled with wine and song. Many times they are held outside in the vale under the trees with great silken pavilions and everbright torches to light the night sky. These parties have kept the social currency of the house strong and on the lips of some of the most powerful in Westgate.

Lord Luer Dhostar II, named for one of the first First Lord of Westgate, is a middle aged man of graying hair and quiet reserve. His has inherited the family business accumen, and although the house is considered to be one of the great houses of Westgate, when Lord Dhostar requests someones presence all make sure to at least make the effort to listen to him.

The current family of Dhostar consists of his eldest son, Heston Dhostar, who is being groomed to take over as patriarch of the family. In his thirties he already has a commanding knowledge of caravan routes and foreign markets. His second born, Julian Dhostar, has taken to the sea. He tenatively heads the families sea born operations, but some say the young man is little more then a pirate. The youngest son is Zeth Dhostar at 17 years of age. Zeth is one that has taken to the life of luxury. Indulged by his mother for anything he wishes, Zeth attentions wander about as he focuses on anything that catches his eye.

The Dhostar family has two daughters Niece and Calla. Both are in their twenties and are twins of their mothers beauty. Blond hair and blue eyed lookers neither has yet to settle down and both are avid partiers attending every ball that is thrown by any of the noble houses.

House Dhostar

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