Westgate is a large and prosperous trading city that sees much of the wealth of the Sea of Fallen Stars pass through its harbors. With the influx of Shou expartiates and so many merchants from across faerun the city boasts many cultural and culinary delights.

To help newcomers to Westgate the city can be broken down by areas

The Outer Docks – a rough and tumble area that is busy anytime of the day with ships coiming and going at all hours. This would be the heart of commerce in the city.

The Shou Community – Just to the West of the Outer dock ward are the tightly packed Row houses that become more rundown until they are little more then shacks near the waters edge. The shou natives have crowded in together here and are seen more often on the streets then anywhere else.

Warehouse District – in the northeast corner of the city are the imposing warehouses of the Sharren and Udo noble familys. Generally well protected, they house much of the goods that are coming into the city.

Wanderer’s Rest – South of the Sharran warehouses and North of the warehouses owned by Udo noble family and the Arena is Wanderer’s Rest. Filled with Inns and Taverns and various shops for visitors. This area also tends to house those visiting to see the gladitorial games.

The Horse Market – Not as large as the Sails Market, this bazaar contains much of the products that are brought overland or produced here in westgate. Large livestock is not traded at the sails market and can be found here along with the occasional slave auction late at night, or so they say.

West Westgate – This is the largest residential area of Westgate. The houses tend to be a bit plainer then those of East Westgate, but most are in good repair. There are a good mix of row houses (more then one residence in a buildin like an apartment building) and as such they streets can fill up typically in the early morning or later afternoon.

East Westgate – This residential area in the heart of Westgate house more of the upper middle class of citizens. The houses are in good repair and many shops are located in a short walking distance. The streets here dont tend to get as crowded and the watch patrols regularly.

Sails Market – This large open air market roars with commerce. The Watch tower looms over an expanse of coloful awings and glittering wares from around the world. Much of the cargo coming from, or going to , sea stops here first and much of it exchanges hands. A fortunes can be made in an afternoon with popular items. Although the merhcants here tend to be the sort that will sell anything, even thier mothers, they will strike first and ask questions later if they suspect someone of stealing from them.

Lords Keep – this area of the city is where most of the nobles tend to have homes, or in many cases, small fortresses. The streets are wide and paved in white stone and lanterns are lit at night. Small armies of soldiers seem to mill about for each household employs its own guards and it has become a fashion of sorts to try to out do ones neighbor in displays of military might.

Riverside – On the eastern side of Westaget, across the river Thunn, are the slums of Riverside. Once you are on the other side of the river bridge the shanty-like houses huddle against one another for protection or so it seems. Drunks and beggars can be seen at all times of the day and refuse tends to pile along the street. A faint odor of desperation and unwashed bodies lingers in the air.

Inner Harbor – Sailors outnumber the land folk in this part of the city and many here cater to their needs. The streets are planked and it gives the illusion that the docks continue for quite some way into the city. Ships fill the docks and their masts make a small forest of sorts looking out over the bay. The air is filled with the snap of sails and flags or the creak of the wooden hull rocking in their slips.


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